I’ll be shamelessly abusing another Heretic’s  – Simon’s – server. So we are doing everything here instead:

So yeah. There might be some issues with the website for the first few days, but it should be OK after.



Err, well, lots of things happened after. So here is our new website instead.

Plans for now on HT

Let’s sum this quickly.

  • Hikaru will likely be this website’s main project. That was to be expected anyway.
  • Biblia will be this blog’s second project. However, there is a lack of editors, which might slow down the translation rate,
  • 3minutes will be updated from time to time. Looking for editors on this project too.
  • I’m currently doing the editing on these two previous projects for now. BN is helping too.
  • I’ll be replacing HereticTranslator for Shikkin and do everything instead of helping with it. However, this will be a inactive project for now.
  • TP might add another project to his dozen others. So yeah.

If you interesting in joining the editing staff, click on the recruitment section.

Ending results of main project.

…Before I start, let me start by saying that I hope I won’t have to create a poll again.

Now…looking at the results, I feel that I have to end this since it’s like a boxing match now.

The results are Hikaru: 217 , Biblia: 115

While I will work on both series, do remember that Hikaru will only get updates on weekdays while Biblia gets updates on weekends. My plan is to host a completed (edited) chapter onto this website for both series, and update the series on Baka Tsuki one chapter late. (Okay, I admit, I want to get more readers to come to this website instead of going straight to BT in order to generate hits, since once I upload it on BT, I’ll be superlocking the chapters there, so do help look out for any typos in the text.)

PS: There is a one-shot volume, 3 minutes, Boy Meets Girl, that I will be doing here on HT only (as in, only exclusive to this website). This will only be updated on Wednesday as part of the Translation of the Day (and I may need at least 38 weeks of work just to complete this one)

PS2: We are still looking for whatever help we can find. Do proceed to our recruitment page for more information.

Just a pit stop announcement before I head off to the New World

Since I’m back here for now, just some announcements and plans from me (Will be too long to put this on twitter):

-IS 8 entries are AFJs.

-Baka Test 10.5 was already completed (10 days ago, in fact), but I’ll hold it for now for fear that I will start translating again once I upload them. (I have exams now)

-Planned translations of IS 8 starting in August 2013 (will go slow with this).

-Finishing off Gundam Unicorn series (except prequel since I can’t find a copy of it) in July 2013

-New main project (winner of the poll we have on this website) to come up in August, updates on weekdays.

-Side project (loser of said poll) will also come up in August, updates on weekends.

-2nd side project to be hosted on here exclusively. Will take 38 weeks to complete, 10 pages per week. Updates every Wednesday.

-Won’t bother unlocking IS 8 ‘fake chapter’ until I start to actualy work on the volume.

-Will not be back here until 21st May 2013.

-Got my copy of Baka Test 11 :D. No idea when I’ll work on it though. Does not feel as strong as the other volumes in terms of content.

Chapter 1 done – Shikkin

Phew. It has been three months since the project started, and I’m glad to see this blog in good condition. Aside from the fact Heretic lost his WordPress password, things seem good so far.

There will be translation notes for this series. I didn’t expect a series like that to get some, though wordplays, puns and references kinda force me to add some notes somewhere. I plan on writing them in a separate post for the time being. Expect notes for the first chapter next week or so.

BTW, there’s always the need for good competent editors, since TP will be updating either Biblia or Hikaru on a regular basis in a few months. You can take the NSET whenever you want, so yeah. And of course, translators who want to join the team are also welcomed.

So yeah. School.

Basically, end of semester approaching, need to apply for college, getting those grades higher, etc. I’ll be likely back translating Shikkin regularly starting from February 25. Until then, I assume that Rikka will be posting some updates from time to time and that tp will continue with his good work.

I also want to welcome keisanichi, one of our new Shikkin editor.


A bit more details about the poll…

Heretic here. TP added this poll but didn’t really tell you what’s interesting with these two projects.

Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou is a mystery series where Shinokawa Shioriko, a young owner of a bookstore in Kamakura, unravel mysteries of ancient books that are taken there. The story begins with a young man named Daisuke, who grew up practically without reading books due to a “phobia”, brings the complete (and autographed) works of Natsume Soseki, Japanese writer of the Meiji era, inherited from his grandmother in the mysterious bookstore. Will the shy and introvert Shioriko solve the mystery of the books? (From Baka-Updates)

I haven’t read it yet, but the novels have been at the top of the LN sales ranking in the first half year of 2012 before the Index, Koimonogatari, Oreimo, etc. so it should be quite awesome.

I’m more familiar with the second project though, which is Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro. It’s basically about a delinquent who can see the ghost of the most popular boy at school. However, the latter made a ton of promises with girls and stuff, so he’s on Earth until the protagonist (the delinquent) can make them come true.

What caught my attention though at the beginning was that this series is written by Mizuki Nomura and the illustrations are made by Miho Takeoka. To those who aren’t familiar with these names, they are the ones who have worked on series Book Girl, a.k.a Bungaku Shoujo. This series doesn’t have as much drama as Book Girl did (for now), in my opinion, but is still extremely good.


Failure is forbidden! Vote for the next project!

…Okay, this ‘vote for the next project’ thing has kinda gotten old…

Anyway, the idea here is to see which project I will be doing earlier. The winner series of this poll will be upgraded to my main project once Gundam Unicorn is done, while the loser series of this poll will remain a lesser priority of merely 3 updates a week. And no, I don’t want to care about any other series at this point other than Infinite Stratos volume 8 which I promised to start in August. The polled options will be hosted on this website and Baka-Tsuki, and I will be looking for editors. Please don’t give me comments like “Do Index! Do SAO! Do Hagure!” or any remarks like that. The poll is cookie and IP restricted, and only the admins get to see the results. Thank you for your co-operation.


The vote is still on until Gundam Unicorn is finished. While both series will be taken, the vote is more of a case of which do you want as my main project. The loser of this poll will get updates of about 5 pages each time, 3 times a week, while the winner will get the main benefit of being the main project that is most likely to be updated every single day.

Speaking of Hikaru, the story is based on “The Tale of Genji”, a very dramatic harem-themed story unlike the usual slapstick romcom we’re seeing nowadays, which is why I want to do a different form of harem, how having a harem is not always a good thing as what anime nowadays seem to portray. Take for example, the upcoming theme of volume 7, the character ‘Utsusemi’ is the wife of a governor Hikaru Genji tried to woo into an affair even though he was married to someone else. (Notably, the character Aoi no Ue died pretty early in the story, and it was not pretty.)

As for Biblia, it is more akin to Bungaku Shoujo as compared to Hikaru, but more mature given how the main characters are adults. The stories are not that dramatic, and this really is not a rom-com, but a mystery-type of story based on books (with ship teasing that is R-rated). I do have a liking to this story, but this is not a story that is suited to most LN readers (in the first place, this series is published by Mediaworks Bunko, which, under this classification: will mean that it is not a LN) who are used to action and such. (That can be said for Hikaru too, but it has harem, one of the more common staples in LNs nowadays as well)

I might end up having a fourth series (after Infinite Stratos 8), and it is an action series (I did a part of it as a TotD), but I’m wondering if I can upload it as a fixed project like Hikaru and Biblia and reduce my flexibility in whatever series I can work on (then again, thinking of what series to work on is as difficult as thinking of what to cook for dinner…)


Why did I start Shippai Kinshi?

I’ll ask Malphis for logs. But here’s the basic story.

[21:05] <florza> go translate shippai kinshi
[21:05] <florza> best shit ever

So if you don’t like the project, go spam florza.

Second host here.

…And the Godfather has arrived.

We will continue to fight with diligence, through day and night, all to prevent the happiness of all the students in school and protect their loneliness. –Sugawa Ryo

Hi, this is tptrishula, also known as Teh_ping on Baka-Tsuki joining the team. I will be the second contributor to this blog.

My forte here will be LN translations as those familiar with my work will attest to. My main work will be based on Baka Tsuki, but I will contribute random translations of stories whenever I feel like it. Do not expect me to give anime and manga reviews because I have indulged myself in a miserable life of working on translating novels (and the worst thing is that I have no sense of delicacy when it comes to critiquing things)

Oh, and to those expecting me to do their favorite series on a whim, tough luck. That includes those expecting me to jump back to Toaru Majutsu no Index and Sword Art Online.